How to wear…

feather & flower fascinators come on a range of bases with different ways to fasten them into your hair. As a rule they all look best perched at the front and to one side of your head or just above your ear to frame your face, although some of the clips can also be worn at the back of your head if you prefer.

Alice Bands

Red Feather Alice BandSally has designed a small range of fascinators that are fixed on to Alice Bands, these are very easy to wear but don’t suit everyone. Several customers have said that some Alice Bands are a bit tight and give them a head ache, so Sally uses white metal Alice Bands which you can easily stretch a bit by pulling both ends apart to make it fit your head more comfortably.

Sectional Clips

feather and flower Sectional ClipSally bases most of her Maxi fascinators on what is commonly known as a ‘Sectional Clip’, which are often used by hairdressers to clip hair out of the way whilst they cut or dry your hair. Sally uses these clips the most as they offer the best base for attaching flowers, feathers, etc to and because they are easy to secure into your hair, or even onto your outfit to wear as a corsage or broach. Arrange and style your hair as you prefer using your own clips and hairbands, and then clip the fascinator in place – don’t try to use the ‘Sectional Clip’ on your fascinator to hold your hair up it in your preferred style as it was not designed for this purpose.  These clip fascinators have been designed so that gravity holds them in your hair, which means that you put them in from the back of your head with the open bit of the clip closest to you face and the spring action part of the clip at the back of your head so that you can’t see it from the front.

Spring Clips

feather and flower Spring ClipSome of the Maxi and most of the Mini fascinators come on ‘Spring Clips’. These can be used to hold your hair in place as they have a lock mechanism to stop them sliding out of your hair and also have enough capacity to hold quite a large section of hair in place. However, you can’t wear these designs as corsages as these clips won’t attach to your outfit.

Mini Hats

feather and flower SombreroSally also uses a number of hat bases, including a Mini Felt Top Hats, Mini Felt Fedoras, Sinamay Berets and Sinamay Scull Caps. Sinamay is a type of straw/natural fibre made from a plant (musa textilis) from the Philippines. It is usually dyed, stiffened and used in the production of hats and fascinators. All of these hat bases come with hat elastic attached to the inside of the hat on both sides. Sally also makes two loops of elastic each side of the hat. The idea is that the elastic strap goes round the back of your head, behind your ears and under your hairline, pull your hair over the elastic to cover it and then you can use kirby grips to fix the two loops either side of your hat firmly to your hair. It takes a bit of fiddling the first time, but once you’ve grasped the concept it’s fairly easy to secure your hat to your hair.

If you have fine or short hair, try spraying it with hairspray first to give the kirby grips something to hold on to. Don’t forget that fascinators and in particular mini hats are designed to be worn perched on the front and to one side of your head to frame your face.